Rehla is (a ride-sharing and a ride-hailing) service that links between passengers and vehicle owners heading to the same destination.

Our Services

Ride-sharing trips

Captain create a trip between cities and passenger will search for this trip.

Sending Parcels

Sender offers a parcel to deliver between cities and wait for Rehla captain to accept it.

I'm going to

Passengers order a ride with a local driver to go to another place inside the city "Ride-hailing

Become a Captain in Rehla

First Step

Open the application and signup, go to the side page and then click car management.

Second Step

Fill out the car information form and make sure to provide good pictures and wait for approval from PTA.

Third Step

After your car has been approved, you can create your trip.

Introducing Rehla (video)

Rehla application .... the pleasure of traveling between cities at the lowest cost and more safety Rehlacar offers a unique travel experience between cities at the lowest cost and the most enjoyable and safe ways. Rehla application licensed by the Public Transport Authority and compatible with all safety and security requirements in Saudi Arabia, and is based on the principle of sharing travel costs between passengers and vehicles owners .

Sign up in Rehla and adding car

Training video explaining how to create an account in Rehla, fill in the registration data, and view the login method if you already have an account in Rehla. How to register your car information to be reviewed and registered in Rehla application as a captain, as you can know your balance through the wallet.

Create and ordering a trip

explanation of how to use Rehla app How to create a ride-sharing trip by the captain and search for them by the passenger, and the possibility of requesting a prior reservation for the ride-sharing trip, How to request a ride-hailing trip inside the city and how to receive the request by Rehla captains.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the passenger

1- Pay cash to the captain, and the application will be deducted the fee from the captain's wallet. 2- Payment by wallet, the fee of the trip will be transferred directly to the captain wallet and the application account.

For the captain

The fee for the application is collected from the captain's wallet when the passenger paying the fee of the trip to the captain by cash the application will deduct the commission from the captain's wallet. However, the captain's wallet limits are up to reach -100 then the captain will not be able to create any trips until he paying the debt and charging his wallet.

Ratings are essential when we make decisions every day. Why?
Because we trust others. When it comes to using cars to travel via Rehla, they make it easier for everyone to decide whether we want to travel with that person or not. So the next time you travel, leave an assessment for sharing your experience with the rest of your users

In the event that some of your personal belongings are lost or you encounter a problem, please do not worry as all captains and trips information are in the database and you are kindly requested to inform us about the missing purpose by clicking on the settings and then "contact us". Make sure to provide enough information, and our team will contact you as soon as possible. We are not responsible for lost items in the car after the trip ends, but we will do our best to provide assistance and those purposes will be delivered according to the method that suits you and we will do our best to deliver it to you, and in urgent cases you can call the unified number 920111455 or whatsapp 0548263944

Follow the steps to: Add your plate number Pick the brand and a model from the list or type it in yourself the color And finally the car’s registration date. If you have any trouble, check and make sure what you’ve entered is correct. If you still can’t add your car, don’t hesitate to contact us. Why should you add your car details? To help give passengers a better idea of the experience travelling with you, and to add more security and trust for the members of our community Rehla, the more information you add about yourself and your car, the more likely people will be to want to travel with you.

In some cases, the balance of the captain or traveler is negative because of the non-payment of dues for a previous trip that was paid in cash or because of the cancellation or amendment of a reservation while the payment method he chose was to pay in cash. Therefore, he must settle the negative account by recharging the balance of the wallet before the negative account exceeds the value of 100 riyals.

You can update your name, phone number, email address, by Go to Menu> Personal page, then tap edit.

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